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Your Office Shredder May Not be Helping Your Business at All

Office shredders have become a common piece of equipment found inside of workplaces across the country. With identity theft and fraud becoming a greater concern in the modern age, many businesses have come to take privacy and information disposal very seriously, and with good reason. The damages of identity theft and fraud can be detrimental to businesses, especially smaller ones. What many businesses don’t know however is that the office shredder sitting in their workplace isn’t likely doing them any favors.

The problem with standard-issue document shredders is that they often don’t do a thorough job destroying documents. A determined individual could put together the strip byproducts from standard document shredders and effectively access any “destroyed” information.

While there are more advanced office shredders that can do a better job destroying documents, they still maintain many significant disadvantages when compared to a quality shredding service such as Security Shredding.

Lack of Certification & Certificate of Destruction

In-house shredding services lack any sort of certification to fall back on. Professional shredding services log each shredding service and provide clients with a Certificate of Destruction upon completion of service. This certificate guarantees the quality of destruction and provides physical evidence that destruction services took place. Lacking such proof of destruction means that there is no way to prove whether destruction services were carried out in accordance with information management legislation (such as FACTA and HIPAA), and can create issues in the event of an office audit.

Weak Monitoring

Professional shredding services such as Security Shredding go to great lengths to monitor their shredding services. This is done to guarantee the quality of services, and provide evidence that they were carried out according to spec. A significant reason for monitoring is to ensure that employees are carrying out shredding services properly, and that protocols are not being breached. Poor monitoring can often result in protocols being broken during destruction services, or in some documents not making it into the shredder at all! Monitoring is critical to manage quality of service, and professional shredding services take this very seriously.

Employee Training & Screening

Many businesses don’t put much thought into how their shredding operations are handled, and few businesses are comfortable with the notion of having untrustworthy employees. Given the importance of the documents that are being destroyed, it is critical to ensure that operations are being handled by employees that know the procedures, are trustworthy, and understand the importance of protocol. Professional shredding services go to great lengths to ensure that employees are up-to-date on proper procedures, are fulfilling tasks according to protocol, and maintain an upstanding position of trust.

Does Your Business Take Document Destruction Seriously?

For many businesses, the costs of maintaining a shredding machine and a properly trained and monitored operating team are too high to justify. Indeed, it is not cheap to own, maintain and properly operate a professional document shredder.

Many businesses in New Jersey opt instead to put their trust into Security Shredding for professional document destruction needs. Whether you require regular services or just have a single load to shred, our expert team is always kept up to date on the latest standards and techniques to ensure that your documents are destroyed properly. We also provide services on and off-site to fit the scheduling and convenience needs of your business.

If you’re ready to get serious about document destruction and value a reliable and trustworthy partner, talk to us today to find out how our services can help your business or organization.

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