Community Shredding


A Shred Day makes an excellent fundraiser for any town or organization and provides a truly useful service to your community.

For a low hourly rate, Security Shredding will come to your location and shred as many documents as you and your guests can bring (Up to 10,000 lbs!)

What is a Community Shredding Event?

A Community Shredding Event, or Shred Day, is usually a one or two-day event hosted by a town or community organization at a publicly-accessible location. We bring our Mobile Shredder to a location of your choosing and shred all documents brought to us.

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Who can host a Community Shredding Event?

This service is available to anyone…towns, government organizations, private organizations, non-profit groups, home associations, retirement communities, etc, etc.

Who pays for a Community Shredding Event?

We charge a low, hourly rate to the organization or group hosting the event. Many organizations use Community Shredding Events as a fundraiser. The hosting organization charges their guests any amount they wish (per box, per pound, flat rate, etc). Any money you make is yours to keep! Need help deciding how much to charge? We are happy to help!

How to Prepare for your Community Shred Day…

Community Shred Days make for excellent fundraisers because they require very little preparation on your part and, with enough members & residents, you can make a substantial amount of money over a very short period of time. All you need to do is establish a time and location for you Shredding Event and get the word out to your members, friends, colleagues, and neighbors. When the Shred Day arrives, simply charge your event guests and send them our way.

Why Host a Community Shredding Event?

• Are you a non-profit organization? Any costs associated with your event (eg, our fee) are likely tax-deductible.

• You are providing a useful service to your community. With the threat of identity theft becoming ever more apparent, people are beginning to recognize shredding as not just a smart precaution, but a necessity. Furthermore, most people do not own shredders or do not have enough materials to justify hiring a shredding company. Host your own shredding event and become the go-to shredding location for your members, friends, and neighbors!

• Go Green! Many people do not realize just how ecologically unfriendly it is throw away paper. Community Shredding Events have been known to generate one or more tons of shredded paper. After your Shred Day is over, we bring the shredded materials to a specialized recycling center for processing. Materials later return to the world as everyday paper goods.

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