Shredding Guidelines


Are your desks & file cabinets beginning to overflow with another year’s worth of tax documents, receipts, invoices, medical papers, contracts, and even warranties for those electronics and appliances you no longer even own?

While it is a sensible practice to hold on to financial records and other documents of importance, many people allow far too many outdated documents to accumulate and most are unsure of just how long they should retain their paperwork.

Identity Theft

A pile-up of old documentation makes for not only an inconvenient and disorganized work space, but a significant financial threat to yourself and/or your business. With the extent of identity theft becoming ever more apparent, more and more people are beginning to recognize the problems posed by their confidential materials. Yet, most are still unsure of exactly what documents they should shred, how long those documents should be kept prior to shredding, or how to ensure materials are shredded and disposed of properly. Don’t allow something as simple as a piece of paper inconvenience your life or affect your financial status… Follow our Shredding Guidelines and gain a little piece of mind.

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How to Shred…

Unfortunately, ensuring that your confidential documents are properly destroyed and disposed of isn’t as simple as purchasing a $30 shredder from your local store and doing it yourself. The vast majority of personal shredders are unequal to the task with which they are charged. These shredders are usually equipped to make fewer than 30 vertical cuts and no horizontal or cross-cuts. Furthermore, all shredded materials typically end up in the same waste bin. Should these materials fall into the wrong hands, document reassembly becomes a very real threat and, often times, only one or two strips of paper will contain enough information to compromise your identity.

Associations such as NAID (National Association for Information Destruction) recommend the use of a shredding service.

At Security Shredding, our state-of-the-art cross-cut & hammer mill equipment cuts all documents down to the smallest possible size and simultaneously deposits materials into a secured compartment. Materials are then brought to a specialized recycling center for processing.

Our operation makes document reassembly virtually impossible and eliminates all risks posed by confidential materials.

Not only do we provide security, but convenience. Rather than dealing with the hassle of feeding papers through your shredder a few at a time, simply gather your materials and schedule a Document Purge or come by on Saturdays for our Walk-In Service. We require only a few minutes of your time and costs are minimal.

What Documents Should I Shred and How Long Should I Keep Them?

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We Are NAID AAA Certified

NAID® National Association for Information Destruction is the standard-setting body advocating for best practices in secure data destruction. NAID AAA Certification® of secure data destruction service providers fulfills the customer’s regulatory obligation.

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We Recycle All Shredded Paper

All paper is brought to a specialized recycling center for processing. The paper is never bleached or treated.Shredded documents return to the world as everyday paper goods.

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