Shredding Process


Document Retrieval

We bring a 95-gallon bin to your home or office and place all documents in the bin.

Document Shredding

We wheel the bin straight to our mobile shredding truck. Our trucks are equipped with built-in lifts and shredders. The bin is raised above the truck and flipped, allowing materials to enter the shredder. Documents are simultaneously shredded and deposited into a secured compartment.


After the shredding process is complete, we provide an Invoice and a Certificate of Destruction (COD). The COD is a legally-binding document guaranteeing the complete destruction of all documents.


After leaving your location we bring all shredded paper to a specialized facility for processing. All paper is milled and recycled, returning to the world as everyday paper goods.

Our Operators

The best equipment means little without a great operator behind it. At Security Shredding, we are proud to have the most knowledgeable and accommodating operators in the business. Our operators are trained in the use and maintenance of our shredding equipment and abide by our customer service guidelines.

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We Are NAID AAA Certified

NAID® National Association for Information Destruction is the standard-setting body advocating for best practices in secure data destruction. NAID AAA Certification® of secure data destruction service providers fulfills the customer’s regulatory obligation.

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We Recycle All Shredded Paper

All paper is brought to a specialized recycling center for processing. The paper is never bleached or treated.Shredded documents return to the world as everyday paper goods.

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