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Professional Hard Drive Destruction Protects Your Electronic Data

When the time comes to rid of your old hard drives, it’s important that you are keeping in mind the risks of improper disposal. Information theft and data breaches are occurring all of the time, and while it may seem like a quick and convenient solution to attempt handling this job internally, you are likely to run into some problems along the way. For reliable destruction, electronic shredding should be left to a professional team that has experience performing this service.

Failing to use hard drive destruction services may leave your information susceptible to recovery. An “erased” hard drive is often still accessible if the wrong individual gets a hold of it and uses special software to retrieve the information. To guarantee your security and safety, turn to hard drive shredding services. Security Shredding is your source for effective hard drive destruction services that are carried out at our off-site facility for a very reasonable rate.

Benefits of Hard Drive Shredding                                                                               

Data is Permanently Removed

As mentioned, criminals can very easily retrieve data that’s left on an “erased” hard drive, partially damaged hard drive, or a hard drive that’s tossed in the garbage. Wiping a hard drive does not mean the information has been removed indefinitely. Physical hard drive shredding through the use of specialized industry equipment is the only method of information removal that clears all data permanently.

Prevent Costly Fines

Organizations are faced with substantial fines if and when they fail to dispose of their electronic information properly. Simply put, a security breach could cost you thousands of dollars in fines depending on the severity. The positive news? This risk is easy to avoid when you hire a professional team to handle the destruction of your hard drives.

Regain Valuable Office Space

Holding on to old hard drives can use a good portion of your office space, especially if you struggle with adequate space, to begin with. In an effort to save both space and time, it is highly recommended that you hire a professional hard drive destruction company like Security Shredding, for service you can trust in.

Stay in Compliance with Privacy Legislation

A data destruction company is knowledgeable and up-to-date with the regulations in place that pertain to destroying electronic media. At Security Shredding in New Jersey, we are responsible for following these specific laws, and we’ll ensure in doing so that your company remains compliant. This eliminates the worry of fines as well as ensures your hard drives are disposed of properly according to the laws in place for information found on hard drives.

Dependable Service

A trusted document destruction company will make certain that the data on your electronic media is removed indefinitely. We take care of this through physical destruction of your hard drives using high-tech media destruction equipment. This will render information on hard drives unrecoverable. How does this affect your business? You will have peace of mind in knowing that your data will be impossible to retrieve even if modern forensic techniques are applied.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about the details of our hard drive shredding services. Our professionals will securely destroy your sensitive media and ensure your organization is in full compliance with all key privacy regulations.

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