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NAID: Who They Are and Why You Should Care

The name NAID may not sound familiar to you, and you’re likely not alone. NAID stands for the National Association for Information Destruction, and they are owed a lot of credit for their work. NAID is a standards setting body for the information destruction industry. It is a quality-assurance watch dog recognized at the government level for the information destruction industry. The organization operates on a global scale and works to ensure that document shredders operate legitimately and within their respective legal scopes. Measures such as ensuring destruction companies operate within the rules set out under information-related legislation (see HIPAA, FACTA etc.) are taken to ensure a level of quality in the services provided to customers.

NAID Certification was composed by information security experts all around the world. Maintaining this certification involves undergoing an audit to ensure that all protocols are in place to keep information safe, and our clients secured from data breaches and leaks during and after the document destruction process.

In the data destruction industry in the United States, the responsibility to ensure companies have written policies that use the correct legal terms and meet existing legal standards actually falls onto the customer. NAID Certification is important here, as it ensures data destruction firms have written policies which include the correct terminology and comply with legislation. Essentially; NAID doesn’t just ensure compliance on the provider side, but also on the customer side.

It should be made aware that NAID Certification is completely voluntary. Many shredders operate without NAID Certification. While these companies may operate in responsible manners, without clear indication of NAID Certification on their website, there is no proof to suggest they are NAID partners.This is why you should rest assured knowing that Security Shredding abides by NAID regulations.

What Exactly Does This Mean?

Generally speaking, it means we maintain standards to ensure our operations fall well within spec of legislation rules and destruction quality. It means we cooperate with other NAID members to ensure our destruction services are 100% secure, to lower the possibility of data breaches and identity theft cases from occurring. It means we are a world leader in the industry of document destruction, and that we stand by our commitments to securing your company’s sensitive information. Our shredding services and shred equipment destroy documents to an irreversible state for your safety.

If your business is seeking truly secure document destruction services, you need not look further. We can discuss and create the ideal service plan for you and your business; whether that includes on-site or off-site services on a scheduled or purge basis. Contact us today!

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