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Turn to Document Shredding Services for Your Financial Institution

Today, it is imperative that business owners are employing the proper security measures to keep sensitive information safe. This is even of greater significance if you own or operate a financial organization. Financial industries as you know deal with numbers and critical personal banking details. Accounting firms and banks, as a result, are continuously handling and storing this confidential data and it must remain protected at all times. Securely storing financial data will ensure that information isn’t lost or exposed to the public eye mistakenly.

How does our document shredding process work?

A qualified professional with your permission will collect your old unwanted records, immediately placing them on our mobile shred truck for secure destruction. Customers are encouraged to witness the shredding take place from beginning to end, for adequate peace of mind and reassurance. Our high-tech industry leading shredding equipment allows for quick and effective shredding capabilities, shredding thousands of records in only a few minutes. Alternatively, we also offer customer drop-off shredding solutions for those who prefer to go this route; this option also follows a very similar process with the same security processes in place to guarantee your safety.

Security Shredding provides convenient and cost-effective shredding to:

  • Investment Firms
  • Brokerages
  • Trust Companies
  • Title Companies
  • Credit Card Companies
  • Local & Regional Banks
  • Mortgage Companies

It’s more than just smart business practice to secure your financial documents effectively; it’s also your legal responsibility as well. The Gramm-Leach Bliley Act (GLBA)  has been created for the security of consumer information in the financial services industry. Information can be considered any form of data from hard copy documents, to electronic media.

Tips to Keep Your Financial Material Secure:

  • an information security policy
  • ongoing security audits
  • regular training in data security and best practices for your staff
  • effective document management, from generation to storage, to secure destruction at the end of each lifecycle

Security Shredding in New Jersey aims to limit the time and effort that comes with shredding records in-house. Allow our professionals to remove this timely job from your task from your plate; we’ll also help you save considerably as our document destruction services are extremely cost-effective, especially with a regular routine schedule.

Contact our team to arrange an appropriate shred schedule for your financial organization. Call 973-734-1911.

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