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Get Ready For Autumn with An Office Cleanup

As summer comes to an end for another year, it’s time for many offices to start thinking about their seasonal office cleanup. It can be difficult letting go of summer, especially knowing what’s ahead for companies in colder climates. However one of the best ways to lessen the burden of the transition (and make your office look more professional in the process) is to start with a clean and organized office space.

For some companies, knowing where to begin with office cleanup and organization can be difficult. However, being in the business for nearly 20 years has provided us with some knowledge and expertise on what your office can do to improve its organization, while securing sensitive information at the same time!

  • Divide your work-space into sections. Tackling a messy work-space can be made much easier to digest when the tasks and areas to clean are broken down into pieces. Perhaps tackle your desk before the filing cabinet, or maybe start with those boxes in the corner. Breaking down the tasks into some sort of order can make the process much easier.
  • Find a space that can be designated for supplies. Find a place for things such as post-it notes, staples, staplers and other common supplies that you may use daily or weekly. Consider getting rid of things that you do NOT need at your desk.
  • Take care of your computer as well! It’s one thing to keep your physical workplace clean, but your computer is one of the most important tools on your desk. Keeping it clean by organizing desktop icons, emails and files can make your workflow more efficient.
  • Figure out the habits making your office what it is. Creating a sustainable solution requires identifying the habits and causes. Why are papers always found spread across your desk? Why is the stapler always missing? Determining the causes can help find the answers to keep your work-space cleaner in the future.
  • Maintain these tips! Once you have a system in place to tackle cleaning and organizing your office, stick to it! Keeping on top of your organization system is vital to ensure that your cleaning efforts last into the future.

That last point is particularly important and often is the most difficult to fulfill. At the end of the day all it can take are little actions in the moment to start new clutter. Luckily there are ways that you and your company can ensure that your organization efforts last; all while improving security of information at the same time!

A regularly scheduled shredding service is an excellent way to not only reduce office desktop clutter, but also to improve the security of any potentially sensitive information that may make its way onto desktops and filing cabinets. Security Shredding’s state of the art shredders are available both at our facilities and on our trucks, where the shredding can be brought right to your office!

The process is simple; our team will leave a locked, 95-gallon bin in your workplace where documents to be disposed of can be done so securely and in an clean fashion. Our trucks then come by on a regular basis to remove the contents from the bin and destroy them onsite. Following service, a certificate guaranteeing the service and quality is issued.

Maintaining an organized office space can be difficult, but a cleanup could be just the thing to get over the end-of-summer blues, and prepare your workplace for the autumn and winter seasons.

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