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Why Mobile Shredding Services Are The Safest Way To Dispose Of Sensitive Documents

Professional document shredding services exist for a reason; they are far more secure than using a standard office shredder and are far more cost-friendly than operating an in-house shredder that is capable of providing the same degree of document destruction. Have you ever really considered whether your document disposal methods are as secure as they could be?

There are a few problems with in-house office shredders caused both by the shredder itself, and the culture created by them in the workplace. In a busy work environment it can be very difficult to find time to shred documents; for some larger offices this would require an entire full time team! What tends to happen is that documents that need to be shredded often don’t get shredded at all; creating a huge compromise in the security of information at your office space. Professional shredding services make sure that documents get shredded as needed to an irreversible degree. There is no more secure way to destroy documents than through a NAID Certified shredding service such as Security Shredding in New Jersey.

But hold on, there are actually even more ways to really tighten down on the risk of information leakage. Mobile shredding services bring all the benefits of a professional shredding service right to your office, bringing security to a whole new level. You can still receive the same professional quality of shredding, but now it occurs right on your premises. This greatly reduces the risk of something happening to documents during transportation from your office to the shredding facility. It also allows for internal review to ensure documents are destroyed to satisfaction.

So how does it work? There are four steps to the mobile shredding process at Security Shredding;

  1. We will provide your office with a secured shredding bin where documents for destruction can be disposed of.
  2. Our trucks arrive at your site. Our highly trained and experienced operator will wheel the bin to the truck, where the contents are dumped into the shredder using a built-in lift.
  3. You are provided with a Certificate of Destruction once documents are fully destroyed. This certificate is legally binding and guarantees full destruction of all documents.
  4. The resulting paper fibers are brought to a specialized processing facility, where they will be milled and recycled into new paper goods. Security Shredding prides itself for being a green company, and we work with paper processing plants with an environmental concern.

Our experienced team of operators are well versed in secure document disposal and know very well the do’s and dont’s of secure document shredding and disposal. You can rest assured that our team at every point in the process is highly experienced and has your business’ best interests in mind.

If your office is ready to really tighten down on the risk of information leakage, contact us today to discuss scheduled or one-time mobile shredding services. Bring the shredding to your office with Security Shredding in New Jersey!

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