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What Paper Shredding Service Is Right For You

What Paper Shredding Service Is Right For You

Paper shredding services have become one of the most important tools companies, and small businesses use to protect their confidential information and clients’ personal information. If your place of work doesn’t use a shredding service, now is the time to switch. Before you switch, you may have questions about paper shredding and what type of service you need. In this blog article, we take a look at what a paper shredding service is and why businesses depend on them, as well as what type of service will fit your paper shredding needs. You will know everything you need to know before making your first appointment by the end of this blog.

What is Paper Shredding?

A paper shredding service is done by a professional company trained in protecting sensitive information. The company of your choosing will come to your place of business or your residence to provide document destruction. Often, these services are done on-site on their mobile shredding trucks filled with the latest shredding equipment. These services also provide you with an easy and convenient way to destroy your documents but in a secure manner.

Why is it so Important?

Paper shredding service providers are one of the best ways to secure your identity and private information. Why would you want to use a paper shredding service? When identity theft hits, it can affect your entire business, your finances, and even the way you interact with other people. The economy has taken a heavy toll on many businesses in the last several years, and identity thieves have found new ways to take advantage of that fact. If you think identity theft isn’t an issue anymore, then you might be very wrong. By using a paper shredding service, your information is completely protected and destroyed, making it impossible for identity thieves to get a hold of.

Another reason why businesses are using these services is how simple and easy they are. Your ordinary office paper shredders do not provide a dependable, effective, and reliable means for performing this task. As not only is it time-consuming, but it also can be insecure of disposing of your confidential information. When using a paper shredding service from a reputable company, you guarantee your documents to be destroyed within minutes and in the safest way possible. Often these services will shred your documents on-site on their mobile trucks, meaning that your information doesn’t leave your office until it’s completely shredded.

The Different Paper Shreddings Services

Shredding companies are a variety of shredding services to fit the needs of every company and business. Whether you have a giant stack of paper that needs to be destroyed or a small amount; Shredding companies have tailored their services to meet the needs of everyone.

On-Going Shredding – Large companies can produce a large number of documents within just one day, meaning that they might need a service that comes more frequently. With an ongoing shredding service, they will set up a schedule based on the number of documents you need shredded. These services can be on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. However often you need it, shredding companies will have you covered.

One-Time Shredding – If you are maybe a smaller company or business, you might not produce enough to use a shredding service for maybe once or twice a year; that’s where one-time shredding comes into play. This service is for anyone who needs a one-time purge of their documents.

Residential Shredding – Every homeowner collects a good amount of papers that have some personal information on them. With a residential shredding service, you can protect yourself and your family from identity theft.

Drop-Off Shredding – If you don’t have enough paper to shred for a company to come to you, then they often will have a drop-off shredding location where you can drop off your paper to be shredded in a secure facility.

Hard Drive Shredding – Now this isn’t a paper shredding service, but it is worth noting that most shredding companies also offer a hard drive destruction service, which allows you to destroy your hard drives securely and protect your information further.

Now you know everything you need to know to pick a shredding service that fits all your shredding needs. If you are ready to get started, contact us today.

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