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What is Scheduled Document Shredding

How often do you need to shred documents in your office? Every organization is different. Some organization shreds their documents once a month while others shred theirs twice. Some organizations get to deal with papers piling very often at the office, and this is where scheduled document shredding comes in.

What is Scheduled Document Shredding?

Scheduled document shredding is a paper shredding service that exists between an organization and a document shredding company. The organization signs a contract with a document shredding company for regular shredding of their documents.

This has become an essential practice for many businesses in the protection of sensitive data by contracting with a document shredding company to come and shred their documents.

This document shredding company can come to your location, collect your documents and take them back in a secured truck to their facility to shred, or they can come with their mobile shredding machine and destroy the documents in your location while you watch.

You get to decide which you want.

Security Shredding allows you to agree on a scheduled date for them to come collect documents for shredding. This can be monthly, bi-weekly, or bi-monthly.

Benefits of Scheduled Document Shredding Service

There are many benefits when it comes to scheduled document shredding services. Here are just a few;

  • You get to choose the date that is okay for your business
  • You are given a Certificate of Destruction upon collection of the documents.
  • On-site and Off-site shredding options to choose from.

Why You Need to Consider Scheduled Document Shredding Service

  • Security

Keeping sensitive data safe and secured is important whether it is your client’s private information or yours. This is the number one reason for shredding documents.

However, with a scheduled document shredding service, your documents are handed over to a trusted body to be destroyed safely and securely at a scheduled interval.

With this, your confidential information is safe as they are only handed over to one trusted company, which limits the number of people with access to your documents.

  • Saves You Storage Space

An office cluttered with papers can affect workers’ productivity, making them disorganized. With a scheduled document shredding service, a bulk of unnecessary documents can quickly be disposed of into the shred bins waiting for pickup.

  • Convenience

With a scheduled document shredding service, you do not need to always make any phone call to get your documents shredded. When it is time, the company comes to your location to pick up the documents and do their job.

With this service, you are at peace with yourself knowing that your documents are destroyed securely.

How Scheduled Document Shredding Works

The process is simple and fast;

  • You contact a local shredding service company and agree on a shredding schedule.
  • You will be given locked shredding bins when a scheduled date has been set. The number of shred bins depends on how big your organization is or how many are needed.
  • On the scheduled date, they will arrive at your location to come and pick up the documents for destruction. You are also given a Certificate of Destruction providing proof of compliance.

Need to Schedule Document Shredding for your Business?

Security Shredding specializes in document shredding and media destruction services for businesses and residential needs. We schedule document shredding services at the convenience of our customers.

We will provide you with lockable bins that will be positioned at the designated area of your office according to where you want them. We will come and collect your documents for shredding at the scheduled date and be given a Certificate of Destruction.

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