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Swap Out Your Recycling Bin for a Lockable Collection Container

If you enter into any New Jersey office, chances are you’ll quickly notice a blue bin or two. Whether by the printing/copier machine, beside each desk or in the lunchroom. While these handy bins hold valuable purpose for recyclables, the real concern is whether they are being used properly on a day-to-day basis. In too many cases, records make their way to these bins out of convenience and ease. The problem with this is that documents are left exposed and vulnerable to becoming lost or stolen.

Paper itself isn’t the problem! It’s the documents containing personal, private details that pose a significant security threat to your company and those involved. Consider the amount of information you generate, store, and share each day; you can bet that the bulk of these records contain personal, private details. It is far too risky to dispose of this paperwork without shredding them prior to doing so.

Deliberate this Scenario:

Would you feel comfortable with competing companies discovering private details about your marketing plans or customer base? Likely not; but throwing this information in an open recycling bin or garbage bin potentially provides just that to the outside public. In essence, anything that is thrown away is considered fair game to anyone who may encounter it. Identity thieves have no problem sorting through recycling bins if there is intent to obtain information they can use to their advantage. As you can see, the threat of information theft is not worth it.

Keep Documents Secured with Lockable Collection Containers

If you have a stack of business files that no longer have relevance to your work but contain sensitive details, these should be dropped into lockable collection bins. These containers are supplied by the majority of document shredding providers when you select a regular shredding program. At Security Shredding, we offer these collection bins to guarantee the highest level of convenience and security prior to your shredding date. As scheduled, we will service these containers at your place of business, or once your bins are at capacity and require professional shredding.

Additional Tips to Enhance Security

  • Focus on establishing an environment that emphasizes security over sensitive business data. Success begins with top-down dedication from management, so it’s important to reinforce this policy and set a good example.
  • Implement a ‘shred-all’ policy for the most effective and trusted form of document disposal. This is an easy procedure that reminds your employees of the importance behind securing sensitive documents that are no longer being used or referred to. You will save significant time and money with this policy as there is no need to decide what information is deemed confidential and should be shred, and which records should be stored. Take this unnecessary stress off of your staff and shred everything.
  • Perform regular security audits to investigate what internal processes could benefit from additional work, and where positive changes can be made.
  • Partner with Security Shredding for all your secure, document shredding requirements. We supply several customized solutions to meet your specific requirements.

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