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Be Sure You’re Given One of These Certificates Following a Shred Job

Sorting through endless piles of documents can be a grueling and tiresome job, especially if you have questions about what you should be securely shredding in the first place. Security Shredding recognizes these worries and is continuously looking to reassure clients that we are here to make the process as simple and stress-free as possible. As a member of NAID, we are always doing our best to encourage smart document management practices, including processes which help keep data breaches to a minimum, through cooperative partnerships we have in the document shredding industry.

One of our guarantees to you is our dedication to industry-leading best practices, including providing each and every client with legal documentation of each shred job. This document is referred to as a Certificate of Destruction, and each of our clients will receive one after every shred service provided. When choosing your document shredding provider, please keep this document in mind as you should never hire a document destruction company who fails to give you this documentation.

Surprisingly enough, not all document shredding companies conduct services that ensure the security of their clients with 100% certainty. These companies are usually the ones that are not affiliated with NAID’s standards or work within the shredding community to improve data privacy in the document shredding industry. One method that confirms whether your provider is truly dedicated to the protection of your security is through the presentation of a Certificate of Destruction.

These certificates ultimately act as a physical guarantee of the quality of our shredding services. Its purpose is to assure our clients in a written format that their sensitive paperwork has been shred according to strict protocols, ensuring full protection of any confidential details they may have contained.

The certificate we give to our customers after the shredding is completed, answers all of these questions and promises that your sensitive documents have been thoroughly shredded beyond recovery. It also guarantees to you that the fibers resulting from the destruction of your documents have been disposed of securely and in accordance with all critical privacy legislation.  Have peace of mind in knowing that as a customer of ours, your documents will be handled, destroyed and disposed of in accordance with FACTA & HIPAA.

If you haven’t determined what provider for your next purge or scheduled shredding service, always look to see if they provide a Certificate of Destruction. Security Shredding is proud to present clients with these certificates after each and every service, as a direct token of our commitment to you.

We supply a variety of solutions including electronic shredding, on-site document shredding, community shredding services and more. If your business is looking for secure solutions you can trust in, contact Security Shredding today.

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