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Spring Time is Shred Time

Spring has arrived and with it comes cleaning supplies. Soon windows will be thrown open, porches swept, and book cases dusted. Spring is a time of revitalization, nature and, let’s be honest here, all of us, breath a heavy sigh of relief at the passing of winter. While you’re going through everything, take the time to get rid of old documents that piled up over the winter (or maybe for longer).

What Are You Supposed to Shred?

One of the most common questions people will ask when it comes to shredding is this:

What do I even shred anyways?

Put simply, the answer is everything. This answer however, sometimes doesn’t satisfy people as it is very broad. “Everything you say? Nonsense! Can keep something, surely.” A more specific answer is to simply shred anything and everything that contains or may contain, private information.

What we can do for you, is direct you to look at our guide to shredding. It’ll help give you a good idea as to the types of files you should be shredding, and what information you need to ensure is being destroyed properly. Afterwards you’ll be well on your way to maintaining your security against identity theft.

That’s all Well and Good. But How do I Shred?

As touched on briefly in the shredding guide, you should be shredding by using a Certified Professional Shredding Company like Security Shredding in New Jersey. Our services are designed to ensure maximum destruction of your old documents while making sure it is as convenient for you as possible. Efficiency ensures maximum service and no loss of productivity on your side.

But how do we get our documents to you and maintain productivity?


We come to you. Our mobile shredder can easily come to your location or another location of your choosing. All shredding is carried out on-site as you watch. Don’t worry, our operators are very friendly and won’t mind chatting. The on-site shred service is the industry’s most popular way to shred documents. Not only do you get to see the awesome shred truck, but it helps to ensure clients’ peace of mind when they can witness shredding first-hand.

Security Shredding has been providing expert shredding services to New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania since 1999. When it’s time for you to get rid of old documents, reach out to us  and feel secure knowing that you’re choosing a company that knows its business well.

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