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Person diving through a dumpster looking for confidential informatrion

Dumpster Diving Happens but You Can Stay Secure Through Professional Document Shredding

If you’ve slacked on spring cleaning and still have yet to properly sort through the old to make room for the new, it’s an important process to do before summer arrives. From a personal standpoint and professional one, beginning the month with a clean slate sets the right tone for a successful and organized season. It offers you the perfect opportunity to declutter and remove all that paperwork that continues to pile up for most of us. While it’s not necessarily a fun process, it’s a process that will pay off in the end, especially when it comes to the security of your New Jersey business.

If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to sort through bills, contracts, and invoices, determining what needs to go. The most critical aspect to keep in mind throughout all of this: How you are filing and tossing these files out?

The reality is that while some companies and individuals look after their sensitive records properly, following the necessary security measures, there are far too many that continue to skip past document management practices to ensure information security.  For instance, throwing sensitive documents in the trash may be one of the biggest mistakes you can make because these open dumpsters are entirely exposed to the outside public. This means your information is entirely vulnerable to theft if the wrong individual wants to obtain your old records.

The smallest bit of information can be enough to provide an individual with the means to carry out a fraudulent act.

Regardless of whether a business document contains sensitive information or not, there is a high probability that it will still have some degree of confidential material that should be secured. Your name, address, telephone number, credit card number, and bank account number need to be secured at all times to stop unauthorized exposure. At the end of the day if you aren’t properly shredding your sensitive matters, they may be snagged by someone unknowingly. Dumpster Diving happens and in fact, it is 100% legal. The problem is the aftermath can result in several consequences for your company.

Ongoing Shredding of Documents Keeps Confidential Information Out of the Trash

What is the probability that an individual will sort through the trash? While you may think the chances are slim and that no one will take the time to examine your trash, you are incorrect.

Never underestimate what identity thieves are capable of, even with the smallest bit of information.  If a criminal is determined and prepared with the essential resources to carry out a crime, you may land yourself in a situation where your bank account rapidly diminishes, or credit card purchases are made under cards you didn’t sign up for.  If and when uncertain, it’s always smart to turn to professional document destruction. It’s the easiest and most trustworthy means of document disposal.

Document Shredding Guarantees Information is Permanently Destroyed

  • Refrain from placing documents in the garbage; these documents include your Social Security Number, driver’s license number, bank account numbers, etc.
  • Old credit and debit cards need to be shred thoroughly for your highest security levels. Ensure you outsource this job to a trusted professional in the industry, such as Security Shredding in New Jersey.
  • All financial records that contain confidential information should be securely shred by a professional document shredding company. Remember that a recycling container does not provide adequate security over your information either.

When you choose Security Shredding to handle all of your sensitive business records, we are committed to maintaining your security through professional processes that are in strict accordance with privacy laws.  While identity theft can be devastating and difficult to overcome, it’s also easy to prevent with the proper preventative measures. Keep your staff and clients secured and choose document shredding as part of your spring cleaning process.

We offer shredding services specifically for both individuals and companies.  We’ll ensure your security requirements are met and that you are given prompt service each and every time.  Reach out to us to discuss with us your requirements and how our customized on-site shredding service might work perfectly for your New Jersey business.

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