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Don’t Forget to Shred These Documents Too!

With identity theft continuing to be on the rise, many businesses and consumers have taken to shredding documents in order to ensure that their information is unrecoverable once destroyed. While many people do make the wise decision of using a professional shredding service like us, many people also don’t realize that some of the documents that are seemingly harmless can reveal very sensitive information to a determined thief. In most cases these are documents that are seemingly common.

Knowing the sources of potentially revealing information is the first step in protecting your identity. We have put together this list of documents that can often contain revealing information that many people tend to overlook when shred time arrives. These are all types of documents that can contain potentially revealing information that many people might not think to shred.

Luggage Tags

A seemingly trivial piece of info, luggage tags can provide prying eyes with contact and living information that could put more of your recycled documents at risk. Be sure to shred these when they become obsolete or replaced!

Pet Medical Records

Studies have shown that one of the most common choices for online passwords include pet names. Be sure to shred any documents that are no longer needed, and could contain any names of pets in your home!

Birth Announcements

Adults are not the only ones that fall victim to identity theft. Birth announcements can provide sensitive identifying information of young children including eye and hair colour, gender and birth date.

Used Airline Tickets

Although used, airline tickets can give away information such as rewards or membership ID’s, names and locations travelled during certain dates. This information can open the door to more sensitive information.


Think about all of the information on a resume: almost your entire career and key contact information! Make sure these do not make it into the recycling bin without first having a run through the shredder!

These are some items that many people often don’t consider shredding when shred day arrives. More documents that should be destroyed when being recycled include:

  • ATM receipts
  • Bank statements
  • Expired passports and ID cards
  • Legal documents
  • Tax forms
  • Utility bills
  • Canceled and voided checks
  • Credit card statements and applications

Security Shredding is committed to protecting your information. It’s why we go to great lengths to ensure that our team of shredding staff are always kept up to date on the latest protocols. If you’re looking for a professional shredding service in New Jersey that has your back, look no further.

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