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So Many Options, So Many Papers! How to Pick The Right Shredding Service

No matter whether you’re a single resident in an apartment or the CEO of a busy company, your personal details – and those that have been entrusted to your care – are priceless to you. Unfortunately, those same details can be sold over and over again if the information is compromised, for as little as $1 per social security number. You therefore likely already know how important it is to take precautions to protect your information. You’re ready to be proactive and begin shredding documents with personal data before you dispose of them.

What you may not know is which document destruction service would be the best one to pick. What if you choose one to get rid of some office papers, but it turns out that you have some SD cards that should be thrown out, too? What if you only arrange for a small shredding job, but it turns out you have way more to get rid of than you thought?

Today, we’re going to explore some of the different types of shredding services based on your unique needs and preferences.

If You Need a Good One-Time Purge…

There comes a point where you just can’t put off cleaning any longer. If you’ve got file cabinets of papers that should have been gone years ago, you’ll be wanting to book a one-time document destruction service. Perfect for both businesses and residences alike, our Mobile Shredder will drive right to your door. All you must do is determine which documents you want shredded.

We’ll take care of loading your documents into a heavy-duty 95-gallon bin, attach it to the shredding truck, and send your papers sliding down a chute straight into the shredder. Once they’ve all been transformed into tiny, confetti-like pieces, we’ll provide you with a Certificate of Destruction (COD), which guarantees that your documents have been destroyed beyond any chance of recovery or reassembly.

If Sensitive Documents Are Part of Daily Office Life…

When you handle sensitive information every afternoon, asking a truck to come by day after day gets a little silly. That’s why we offer scheduled document destruction services! We’ll provide secured bins (free of charge) that sit unobtrusively in your office space. Simply use them as you would a regular trash can to dispose of any documents that require shredding.

We’ll come back whenever and however often you choose to empty the bins, shred the contents, and return them for your continued use. You’ll receive a COD every time, guaranteeing that no shredded documents will ever be unaccounted for.

If You Need Some Time to Sort Through Things…

Our short-term secured console service gives you the time you need to sort through your documents without compromising confidentiality. We’ll drop off the console or bin for a one-time delivery fee, after which you’re free to keep it for up to two months while you fill it with papers to be shredded. You don’t even have to worry about removing staples or paper clips, as our Mobile Shredder can chew through those with no problem.

When your console is as full as you want it (it can hold up to 150 pounds of paper), we’ll come back, shred the contents, and, if you’re finished, collect the console. Your papers will be safely destroyed, you’ll receive a COD confirming that fact, and all without any mess left afterwards.

If You Only Have a Few Boxes…

Document destruction services are all well and good for businesses, but what if you just have a few boxes of household papers to be disposed of? Security Shredding offers a walk-in and drop-off shredding service at our Morris Plains location. We do ask that you remove all heavy binders and clips, but you’re welcome to bring up to ten file boxes or 250 lbs of paper for shredding.

If Your Documents Aren’t on Paper…

Ever since hard drives became commercially available, they’ve been a wildly popular option for information storage. Scanned papers, videos, and images can all neatly fit on a device that’s smaller than a hardcover book. Of course, when you want to discard a hard drive, upgrade from an old cell phone, or dump some CD’s, it’s not enough to leave them in the trash. Electronic data can be easily recovered, even if it has been deleted from the device.

Our electronic destruction service makes quick work of your digital media devices, guaranteeing your information will be permanently erased and irretrievable. We’ll come to you, collect whatever devices you’d like to be obliterated, and securely transport them to our facility, where they will be sorted, destroyed, and responsibly disposed.

If You Want to Make it an Event…

Bake sales and garage sales are a great way to raise money for a fundraiser, but they’ve also been done many, many times before. If you want something memorable and valuable as your fundraiser, let us help you host a community shredding event! Your guests will enjoy peace of mind as whatever documents they bring (up to 10,000 lbs) are shredded right in front of them. All paper waste collected during our shredding process is pre-sorted, never bleached, and recycled at a trusted processing plant.

We charge a low, hourly rate, so as the host of the event, you get to decide the cost per guest, and guide the donations directly to your organization. We’ll take care of the shredding and paper removal, so all you need to worry about is spreading the word!

If You Now Know Which Service Would be Perfect for You…

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