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Set Up Home Shredding While Self-Isolating

We all know what’s happening right now: COVID-19 is pushing us many of us back into our homes. Those that are fortunate enough to have the ability to do so are working remotely instead of trekking into the office. The side effect of this, of course, is that business information is going to be created at home as opposed to the office. All the same compliance laws are still in effect, so you are going to need options to stay on top of it.

Luckily, there are already services in place that can accommodate this change of pace, and with a little modification, can keep up with self-isolating.

How to Set Up Home Shredding

For those who may never have used residential shredding services before, we have some good ideas to get you started. To begin, create a process that is simple and effective for your workspace. Keep your business information in one place as you create it, and keep it separate from your personal information to avoid mixing things up.

From there, designate some manner of secure container to hold onto records that need to be retained for a period, and one to securely hold documents that are ready for the shredder. Preferably use something like a safe, lockable desk drawer, or maybe a file drawer – something that can’t be easily carried away. This is just to be safe and secure so no files wander off without your knowledge. Keep in mind that this information is still sensitive, so it would be best not to show it around, even to your family.

With your process set up at home, now you need to arrange for shredding to come to you. Since this service is already an existing one, setting it up is as simple as setting up a day and time for the truck to pay you a visit. Your records will be collected by a uniformed staff member, taken out to the truck, and shredded right on the curbside. There’s no need to worry about separating out folders, staples, paper clips, etc. The shredder installed in the truck can handle it all.

To prove that you have followed through with shredding, a Certificate of Destruction will be provided to you. Keep these for your records, since they are proof that you destroyed the information properly and securely. However, there are some changes to be made to account for self-isolation.

Changes To Accommodate COVID-19

In an effort to limit exposure to the virus, steps need to be taken to limit direct human-to-human contact. Gather up all your records and have them ready to go near your front door. Please step well away from the area (please refer to the CDC recommendations for safe distance). Our staff member will come to gather the records and then take them out for shredding. For your own peace of mind, feel free to watch from the window for the shredding to happen. If you want a closer look, come out to the curb, but do make sure you’re still adhering to safe distance practices.

Should you wish to completely avoid having outsiders come into your home during this period, you can arrange to leave your records outside your door. Please do not put them out there too early, as we don’t want your records exposed for any length of time. Wait until you see the truck arrive at your location, then place them outside the door for collection.

It is in this way that we are going to help protect your private information during this period of self-isolation. Please reach out to us to set up home shredding services, and ask any questions you may have.

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