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Is Mobile Document Shredding Right for Your Business?

Mobile document shredding is on the rise, and the more popular it becomes, the better word-of-mouth advertising it gets. With this, more people are starting to consider getting a Mobile Shredding Truck for their business. However, using one isn’t for everyone. Let’s look at some of the reasons why Mobile Document Destruction is an excellent way to keep your workplace secure.

Mobile Document Shredding Offers On-Site Shredding!

Mobile shredding is an easy, convenient way to protect your identity and sensitive information. A mobile shredding service comes to you, so you don’t have to lug boxes of paper to a shredding center.

Mobile shredding takes place in an armored vehicle outfitted with industrial-strength paper shredders that can destroy just about anything you can think of, including hard drives, CDs, credit cards, DVDs, and more.

Cost-Effective Process

Mobile shredding services are becoming more and more available, not just in the form of trucks that come to your place of business or residence to shred on-site, but also as mobile shredding bins that you can use to destroy sensitive documents right then and there.

If you’re a small business owner who has a few documents that need to be shredded but doesn’t have time to get your bin and take the documents to a physical shredding location, mobile shredding is for you. It’s also great for homeowners who have a few boxes of personal records they’d like to get rid of.

Fast and Quick Process

A mobile document shredding service is a perfect solution for small-scale shredding needs. A mobile shredding unit can be deployed to a remote location for a one-time job or stationed at a business location for ongoing shredding of documents.

You might find that mobile service is better suited to your needs than a full-scale commercial shredding operation. This is particularly true if you have relatively few paper records to destroy and need them destroyed as soon as possible. In many cases, a mobile shredding unit can be at your location the same day you call for service.

Ideal for Small Scale Businesses

Mobile shredding is ideal for small businesses that need to dispose of sensitive documents regularly. Your employees can watch them being destroyed in real-time, which helps to reinforce how important it is for them to keep records secure. This convenience can be especially useful for businesses with many remote employees.


The above four points show the importance of mobile document shredding in today’s world. As such, this option is best for businesses that do not have a lot of space for storing documents and other items. For organized businesses, it can be helpful to remove unnecessary files and other materials. For businesses with less storage, it is advantageous to get rid of unneeded materials without taking up any space to do so.


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