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Do Your Employees Know How to Secure Data? What You Should Include in Your Training Program

Data security procedures are a valuable part of an organization’s overall procedural protocol. With instances of data theft and fraud still being highly prevalent across the country, organizations and residents across New Jersey have taken measures to protect their sensitive data from landing into the wrong hands. For organizations, one of the most effective ways to achieve this is by implementing a training program to help employees spot potential vulnerabilities and understand how to react to them.

The effectiveness of an organization’s data security protocol is almost entirely dependent on whether employees actually understand and follow the rules. A proper training program can help employees not only understand the rules themselves, but also the significance of them.

Here are some things you can incorporate into your training program to help employees figure out how to react to suspicious instances:

Explain the laws to your staff. In the United States there are several federal legislation that affect nearly all businesses and organizations which include information management regulations and requirements. Introduce your staff to the legislation that affect your business to underscore the importance of your protocol.

Go over web-based security threats. A huge amount of data leaks occur online these days. Phishing attempts and malware are both capable of gathering sensitive data from your employees or computer systems. Train your employees how to spot phishing attempts, and make sure they understand the importance of securing all of their devices with anti-malware software, and safe browsing tips.

Include a clean desk policy in your training program. A clean desk policy dictates that employees must leave their desk free of any paper documents before they leave the workplace. The idea is that it encourages increased organization, while also protecting sensitive data from being easily accessible to any passerby’s in the office.

Consider bringing in a shred-all policy into your workplace. A shred-all policy is one that encourages document destruction for any document(s) once the document(s) in question are no longer needed. Shred-all policies have many benefits;

  • Reduced risk of data breach
  • Increased protection of sensitive data
  • Simplified document disposal
  • Reduces confusion regarding what to shred and what to hang onto.

Implementing an effective training program will help ensure that your organization’s security protocols are effective. It is vital to make sure that employees understand the importance of following the rules and understand the rules clearly. Communication is key to any effective policy.

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