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Data Security Tips To Help Protect Your Business This Fall

Every day, we hear about a new data breach where millions of personal records have been stolen by criminals. If your business is not doing everything possible to protect its confidential data, you risk becoming the next victim. Improving information security requires more than rules, agreements, and policies; it requires daily diligence and the ability to recognize potentially risky situations. In this article, we will give you some easy ways to improve your information security.

Why Keep Information Secured?

Information security is essential for many reasons. It helps to protect people, businesses, and governments from theft, fraud, and espionage. Information security also contributes to fraud prevention and the safeguarding of important assets.

What Are Some Ways To Improve Information Security?

There are many simple ways to improve information security and keep your data safe. Here are our top tips:

Use A Document Shredding Service

One of the best ways to protect your business’s confidential data is to use a document shredding service. Shredding will ensure that all your sensitive documents are destroyed before they can fall into the wrong hands.

Schedule A Shredding Day

Set aside some time each week or month to shred any accumulated documents. Shredding will help prevent sensitive information from sitting around too long and becoming lost or stolen.

Educate Employees

Another important data security strategy is to educate your employees on how to protect confidential information. Ensure they know not to share passwords or other sensitive information. Additionally, remind them to always log out of their accounts and never to leave their computers unattended.

Use Strong Passwords

Cybercriminals can gain access to your company’s confidential data by guessing weak passwords. Ensure all your employees are using strong passwords to prevent this from happening. A strong password should be at least eight characters long and include a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols.

Keep Software Up To Date

Another way to improve information security is to keep your software up to date. Cybercriminals are always looking for vulnerabilities in outdated software to exploit, and keeping your software up to date can help protect your company from these attacks.

Media Destruction

One of the most important ways to improve information security is to destroy all media that contains sensitive data. Media Shredding includes hard drives, SSDs, flash drives, and CDs. Many professional media destruction companies offer media shredding and destruction services.

Use Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication is an important data security measure you should take advantage of. With two-factor authentication, a user must provide two forms of identification to gain access to an account. It makes it much harder for cybercriminals to hack into accounts since they need both forms of identification.

Use Encryption

Encryption is another great way to improve information security. Encryption is a process of transforming readable data into an unreadable format, and Encryption helps to protect information from being accessed by unauthorized individuals. Many different types of encryption algorithms can be used.

Keep Clean Desk

Employees should keep their desks organized, and private information should never be left on display for other employees to see. Secure sensitive data if necessary. Each employee’s desk should have at least one lockable drawer. Confidential material should be kept in locked cabinets that are placed in private spaces.

Document Retention

All industries and workplaces must retain confidential client, employee, and company information for a minimal time. Having a retention schedule as part of the document management process is key to knowing what needs to be kept based on usefulness and legal requirements. Documents should be labeled and stored in a secure place.


These simple tips can help improve information security and protect your data. Implementing even just a few of these practices can make a big difference in protecting your company’s confidential information. So don’t wait; start improving your data security today. Contact Security Shredding NJ today to learn more about document shredding and hard drive destruction services.

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