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13 Items You Should Be Shredding to Protect Your Identity

11 Items You Should Be Shredding to Protect Your Identity

We all know that it’s essential to shred our most sensitive pieces of information — credit card statements, tax-related documents, identity cards, etc. But did you know that several often-overlooked items could put you at risk if they aren’t also securely destroyed? If you forget to shred these documents, you’re not alone. But with the growing number of identity thefts and data breaches, it’s crucial to stay on top of your shredding habits. In this article, we are going to give you thirteen pieces of information that are often overlooked and why you should consider document shredding services.

The Different Pieces of Information You Should Shred

Old Utility Bills

These types of bills contain a lot of sensitive information about your financial accounts, such as your bank and credit card account numbers and addresses.

Bank Statements

Along with utility bills, bank statements contain a lot of personal information. Not only are they detailed and full of sensitive information, but they also have your account balances and transaction history.

Tax-Related Documents

Many tax documents contain a lot of sensitive financial data about you, including your W-2 forms, proof of income statements, etc.

Personal Identification Documents

With identity theft on the rise, it’s more important than ever to securely dispose of any documents that have your name and address associated with them. Examples include old driver’s licenses and passports.

Pay Stubs

Pay stubs, like bank statements and utility bills, contain a ton of your account information. This includes the name of your employer, pay rate, account number(s), etc.

Medical Records

The medical industry has been struggling to keep patients’ sensitive health data secure in recent years. Any documents that contain your Social Security number, medical history, and insurance information are crucial to shred.

Investment Records

Your broker will send you many different kinds of records throughout the year — a yearly statement of transactions and other tax-related reports. If you don’t shred these documents, anyone who gets their hands on them can see where and when you’ve made transactions.

Canceled Credit Cards

Credit card fraud is a huge problem in America today, which makes it crucial to get rid of any old credit cards that have expired or been canceled.

Old Contracts and Agreements

If you don’t shred old contracts and agreements, you’re leaving yourself open to fraud. For example, if you have an old cell phone contract lying around the house, someone could see your personal information (name, address) and then commit identity theft or credit card fraud.

Receipts with Your Name on Them

This is another obvious one. Receipts contain your name, credit card number, and other sensitive information, so they’re a no-brainer when it comes to shredding.

Insurance Papers

As with medical records and all of the other documents already mentioned in this article, insurance papers should be shredded if you want to protect yourself from identity theft or fraud.

Why Use Document Shredding Services

As you can see, there are a lot of different documents that should be shredded to keep your information secure. But if you aren’t sure how to properly go about shredding sensitive information, it’s best to hire a professional document shredding service. These services are designed to destroy your documents quickly, efficiently, and securely. This way, you don’t have to worry about your information falling into the wrong hands.


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