Short-Term Console Services

 Do you have documents to shred but need time to sort them?  Are you looking to have a secured console or bin placed in your office but have no need for a regularly-scheduled service?

Security Shredding is now offering a Short-Term Console Service!!!

This service is ideal for individuals or businesses that need time to sort documents prior to shredding. Having a console or bin in your home or office not only helps to ensure that your confidential materials remain secure, but keeps things neat and organized. Receive all the benefits of our Scheduled Service for the cost of a single Document Purge! Contact us for details, rates, and schedules.

How does it work?

Security Shredding delivers one Secured Console or Secured Bin (see photos) to your location. Place the console or bin in your home or office and sort through your documents at your own pace. Simply slide any documents to be shredded through the slot (no need to remove staples or paperclips) and call us when it’s full. We will shred the contents on-site, remove the console or bin, and that’s that!

How long can I keep a console or bin?

Secure Shredding 65 Gallon Bin (holds approx 150 lbs!)

Customers are free to keep a console or bin for up to 2 months.

What if I fill the console or bin and still have more documents to shred?

Not a problem! We will make as many trips as necessary to help complete your shred job (standard rates apply for each visit).

How much does it cost?

We charge a one-time delivery fee to drop off your console or bin and our standard scheduled shredding rate per each subsequent visit. Contact us for details and additional information.

Need a quote or want to schedule a time to have a console or bin brought to your location?

Visit our Contact page for info and hours.

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