Scheduled Shredding


Scheduled Shredding is the ideal option for businesses which regularly handle sensitive documents.  We will make recurrent visits to your location on a schedule of your choosing. Our dedicated office team provides customer service that is second to none in the industry. Need to postpone or expedite your next shred day? We are flexible and always just a phone call away.

How Does it Work?

We place 1 or more secure consoles (entirely free of charge) in your office or facility. Simply slide your documents into the bin (no need to remove staples, paperclips, or binders) and we will come on a schedule of your choosing to empty and shred the contents. After shredding, our operator will provide you with an Invoice and Certificate of Destruction. The whole process takes only a few minutes and is truly hassle-free. See below for additional info on our consoles & bins.

Who Uses this Service?

A wide variety of clients throughout Northern and Central New Jersey have subscribed to our Scheduled Shredding service. From doctors offices to law firms, CPA’s, and insurance providers, we are experienced in dealing with businesses of all types and sizes.

Choosing & Changing a Schedule:

As an independently owned and operated business, we are proud to be able to accommodate your schedule. Do you need a company able to adapt to last-minute changes? Many shredding companies charge an additional fee to make changes to your service…NOT US! No matter what your needs are, we can accommodate you.


Security Shredding ALWAYS CHARGES A FLAT RATE! We charge per each appointment, there are no additional fees and no set price increases.

Get a Quote!

Contact us with the details of your shredding needs and we will provide an immediate quote.  Do you already have a shredding service? WE WILL BEAT OUR COMPETITORS’ RATES!

Secured Consoles & Bins

Security Shredding Consoles:

40” x 19” x 19”
(other sizes available if required)

  • Higher capacity than most consoles in the industry – saves time and money.
  • Double-turn, deadbolt lock system for added security assurance.
  • One-way, baffled feed-slot design to ensure paper cannot be retrieved.
  • Wide feed slot can take up to 400 pieces of paper at a time.
  • Front-loading with available space to support office equipment.
  • Paper securely held in a durable nylon bag or cardboard box insert for efficient and secure retrieval.

For higher volume areas such as mail rooms, copy rooms, or warehouses, these wheeled plastic carts are extremely durable and easy to maneuver within your facility. Our high-volume security bins, available in 64-gallon or 96-gallon sizes, are secured with a padlock system to ensure that wherever your bins are, your confidential documents are securely locked inside. We work with you to determine the best location and mix of bins & consoles for your business.

Security Shredding Bins:65_Gallon_Cart

64-gallon: 42″ x 26″ x 26”
96-gallon: 46” x 28“ x 31“

  • Top-loading, durable plastic containers for high paper volumes.
  • Cut security slot to ensure paper cannot be retrieved from inside.
  • Wheeled and well-balanced for easy maneuvering

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