Electronic Shredding


Don’t allow your electronics to fall into the wrong hands…We permanently destroy hard drives, cell phones, storage devices, and other electronic media!

Why Shred Electronics?

As computer technologies advance, the need for a means of permanently destroying electronic media grows. Unfortunately, it no longer suffices to just erase a file from your hard drive or external storage device. Erased files can often be recovered with relative ease. Additionally, new compliance codes mandate that persons cannot destroy and dispose of electronic media along with standard trash and recycling due to environmental concerns associated with harmful chemicals such as lead and mercury.

How Does it Work?

Security Shredding will pick up your electronic media (including hard drives, CD’s, DVD’s, flash disks, and cell phones) and bring them to a specialized facility where materials are meticulously sorted and permanently destroyed. We will then provide you with a Certificate of Destruction noting serial numbers and other specifics.

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