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At Security Shredding, we are proud to offer the best customer support in the industry. As such, nothing is more important to us than the reviews provided by our clients. Featured here are a just a few recent testimonials and reviews, some of which were given directly to us by clients and others publicly posted online.

Are you a current or soon-to-be client of Security Shredding? Your opinions count more than anything! We encourage anybody who has worked with us to post their experiences on one of the sites linked to this page. You may also contact us directly with your suggestions. If our services can be improved in any way (even if you were happy with your overall experience), please let us know!

Thank you to all who have been kind enough to review our services.  – The Staff of Security Shredding

Customer Reviews

yelp 3After making several calls to shredding companies and not getting an answer or a returned call I finally reached Security Shredding. A representative answered all of my questions regarding pricing and what I needed to do to prepare for the shredding appointment. In one phone call I was able to have all my questions answered as well as schedule an appointment.

The representatives from Security Shredding that came to my home were professional and efficient. Pricing was reasonable and all in all I great experience. I will definitely be using Security Shredding again!  – Yelp Reviewer


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I had about 20 file drawers I needed to empty.  I called a bunch of companies and got prices and theirs was best.  I was on the phone with them for about a minute and they gave me a quote, scheduled a time, and that was that.  They showed up exactly on time and shredded everything (which was a lot) in about 20 minutes.  As promised, the rate they quoted was exactly what I was charged (excepting tax…darn you, government!)  They were very nice and easy to deal with and the price was right.  If you need to have shredding done, give them a call.  – Yelp Reviewer

I recently hired Security Shredding for a ‘document purge’.  I am anyelp insurance broker and had about 40 boxes of old materials at my home office.  I emailed for a quote and John O got back to me about 20 minutes later.  They quoted me nearly $1 cheaper per box than
the other shredding company I spoke with.  They scheduled me for the next week and showed up exactly on time.  The gentleman who drove the truck and did the shredding was great.  He was quick, polite, and clearly knew what he was doing.  As promised by their website, my bill reflected the exact amount they quoted me.  Less than an hour later my much needed storage space was mine again!  These guys are polite, professional, and really easy to deal with.  I definitely recommend that anybody who needs a shredding service go to them.
– A Yelp Reviewer

yahoo localAndres is the best!!! He s the guy who drives the truck and does our shredding. He s always on time, super nice and everybody in our office loves him! We used to have another company and it was always somebody different coming to our office and a lot of times they were on their phones and kinda rude…boo! These guys are really nice, prices are good, rates never go up…definitely use them! – A Yahoo Local Reviewer

Our law office uses a lot of paper and we’ve used like 5 dif google pluscompanies in 10 yrs and these guys are def the best we ever had. All the companies we used b4 had really crazy rates and their workers were super rude. like you thought itd be cheap but they charge you by the minute and for gas and all this stuff they dont tell you about. Collin signed us up and still calls us to see how everything is going. Breege answers the phone and is super sweet. Andres does all of our shredding and hes so nice and professional. The prices are great and the bill never changes and they really kept all the promises they made when we started. I’m never using another shred company!!! Keep it up guys! – A Google Plus Reviewer

I had 30 plus boxes of old docs sitting in a storage unit. I finally got around to going thru it all and called 3 or 4 shred cos looking for the yellow pagesbest price. A flat rate was imp bc like everybody ive been unexp gauged by random cos over the years. Sec Shred had good prices, they showed up on time, took only a half hour to shred everything and my bill was exactly what they told me itd be. Service was good and went smooth. – A Yellow Pages Reviewer

Our firm has been working with Security Shredding for nearly ten years.  We have two of their bins in our Chatham office and have been thrilled with their service over the many years we have been working together.  We can always rely on them to be on schedule and have never had to call with a reminder.  All together, we are very happy with Security Shredding and their staff is a pleasure to deal with. – A Chatham Law Firm

Our office is located just down the street from Security Shredding.  We have been taking advantage of their walk-in service for several years now.  Every couple months I show up on a Saturday with a few boxes.  I rarely have to wait and once they start shredding it takes just 1 or 2 minutes.  They give me an invoice and I’m on my way.  I highly recommend their Saturday service to anybody nearby.  It is by far the most convenient and inexpensive option for locals like me. – A Morris Plains Insurance Agent

I just used Security Shredding’s short-term console program in my home.  I wanted a big bin to put everything in so that me and my husband could go through our old stuff in the basement and have somewhere to put it instead of boxing everything up.  I called a whole bunch of companies and only a couple of them offered this service and it was really expensive.  I finally found these guys and it worked perfectly.  It costed a lot less then I thought and the young man who helped me was very nice. – A Mendham Resident

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