Is Your Company Practicing Sustainability? Here’s How You Can


Seeking new methods in which you can improve sustainability efforts in your workplace? There are several little things to consider that can make a large impact.  Take a look at these simple contributions for a green and environmentally friendly office:

Cut Back on Meeting Costs: When possible, we suggest making a phone call instead of holding a physical meeting, sending an email instead of a posting, and arranging virtual meetings to diminish the costs related to business trips.

Reduce Physical Materials: Archive computer records instead of printing them, advertise on your website and through social media outlets rather than through printed flyers or brochures. Lastly, email any promotional information instead of printing it off and posting it.

Reuse: If and when able, consider reusing old envelopes, ask your staff to use their own coffee mugs, have printer cartridges refilled rather than replaced all together, and select purchasing recycled stationery supplies instead of brand new ones.

Recycle: Choose to recycle anything and everything you aren’t using. Be sure your office has sufficient recycling bins in in areas where your employees will use them.

Shut it Off: This may seem obvious, but far too many of us continue to forget to turn off lights, computers, printers, and appliances when they aren’t being used.  Every little bit helps in the long-run when it comes to lowering your bills and energy costs.

Outsource:  Think about using cloud computing solutions to reduce your server requirements and power costs.

Reduce: Keep your air conditioner down as much as possible, as these can contribute to extremely high bills. In fact, reducing the temperature by even one degree on a warm day can reduce your energy costs by 10 percent. Lower your energy consumption even further by installing automatic lighting sensors, and driving hybrid cars for your fleet vehicles.

Think Green: Achieve respected green credentials by designing a sustainable supply policy with specific guidelines, and get in touch with your current suppliers to see what sustainable products and services they are currently providing. Ask printers for recycled paper, and consider swapping out your outdated equipment with high-energy efficiency models that are built to last for years.

Finally, take a good look at your financial records. Pinpoint where you are spending money needlessly, and if stationery and paper supplies are costing more than they should be, set up a task force to lower your paper waste. If travelling costs for staff is on the rise, research whether video conferencing is a potential solution.

When you emphasize and focus on your sustainability efforts, you will save money and your business will be more attractive to customers who prefer to work with other sustainable companies for the purchase of their goods or services.

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